History of occasional updates and important information.

Here is a listing of past updates and information that has been posted for our clients.

May 2018

We have added an additional Server in Alblasserdam, NL for our customers in Europe.

June 2017

It is Hurricane Season, does your Digital Signage Weather Provider have Tropical Storm and Hurricane information if needed? We do!

March 2017

We have moved all the servers to a new provider in order to continue to provide you with uninterrupted service, mainly because of the ongoing issues with the old provider and the Atlanta Data Center.

May 2016

We have added a new Monitoring Service, Site24x7 to help us monitor our servers, as well as reachability from locations around the world.
This can be viewed on the Status page.

April 2016

We have finished infrastructure changes to facilitate automatic failover in the case that the main server goes down. This will be seamless to users and should take about 5 minutes for Digital Signage Players to be redirected to the backup server in the event of this situation. As always, we continue to monitor network traffic, and look at options to continue providing you with the best service we can will trying to keep prices reasonable.

February 2016

A new Photo Weather feed option is in the works. This will feature simplified weather information overlaid onto beautiful photographs from photographers all over the world.
Contact us if you would like to Beta test this feed when available.

January 2016

We apologize for the extended down time due to significant DDOS attacks to our main Data Center in Atlanta. We have added an additional server with another provider in New York and have moved all traffic to this server for the time being. We are currently looking into further refinements to our server and backup server options to better serve clients in the event of a failover situation, including some changes to our existing setup.

December 2015

We have expanded the choices of our Icon Sets to a total of 9, including monochrome black and white.

November 2015

Weather feeds are now available in 16 languages besides the standard English.

October 2015

We have been making some refinements to the Version 2 platform, as well as moving towards a new Version 3 platform which will to help with custom templates and better scalability.

September 2015

Weather feeds are now available in the following languages besides the standard English. Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and (believe it or not) Tetum. Italian, Polish, and Pig Latin are in the process of being added. Other languages may be available in the future.

June 2014

We have recently upgraded server packages in our main data center location in Atlanta, GA to new hardware with faster processors and SSD drives, and we are always streamlining the process where possible.

If you would like a data center closer to your region, we also can provide other server locations for digital signage deployments larger than 200 players, with data centers in the following locations; Fremont, CA, Dallas, TX, Newark, NJ, Tokyo, JP, and London, UK.

January 2014

Due to Server Processing and Bandwidth, Weather Radar is no longer included in the Basic Weather Package. If you need Weather Radar, please contact us for more information.