National Weather Service Alerts

Active NWS CAP Alerts

The Standard HD full screen weather package in the US will contain NWS CAP Alerts when active for the county that your Media RSS Feed is set up for.

These consist of easy to read black text on a white background with a colored border. The header at the top has the Event Subject in larger letters that can be read better from a distance. The footer at the bottom in smaller text contains the time the Alert was Issued, and the time the Alert Expires, along with the issuing NWS Office. The main body of text contains a Description and Instructions for the Alert. Some Alerts may use more than one screen to be able to convey the full message as needed. The border colors are representative of the Severity of the Alert Message, giving a quick visual cue as to the message importance:

The Alerts are mainly weather related, however some agencies at the local level can also send messages to the NWS CAP Alert system from time to time, which is in turn feed to your system. One example might be a Amber Alert.


Tornado Warning Tsunami Watch

Tornado Watch Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Flash Flood Warning Red Flag Warning

Dust Storm Warning Beach Hazards Statement

Excessive Heat Warning Flood Warning

Dense Fog Advisory Heat Advisory

Air Quality Alert Child Abduction Emergency

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