BrightAuthor:connected adding Media RSS Feeds

How to add a weather feed to your Non-Interactive Playlist on BrightSign

Load your existing presentation, and select the Zone that you will be putting the weather feed in. Then on the bottom of the page, make sure the 'Widgets' tab is selected, and drag the 'Live Feed' widget onto the 'Content' area above.

BrightAuthor other Media RSS Feed

Then on the right you will need to enter the Source URL for the feed that you were given (example:, and it should now look like this:

BrightAuthor Add RSS Feed

You should be set. If you are using an interactive playlist, you will need to use a 'Media End' event to connect the Weather Feed to the next item in the playlist, or back to home if it is the only item or last item in the playlist.

BrightAuthor Media RSS Feed in Playlist

You should now be able to publish your Project to your BrightSign player as normal, and the Weather Feed should now show in that zone on your display.

If you would like to discuss your Weather Feed needs, or if you have any other questions, please contact us for more information.